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HT journalist Satish Nandgaonkar who died of cardiac arrest faced toxic work culture, was bullied by Editor Meenal Baghel: Mumbai Press Club and wife...

It has come to the fore that Satish Nandgaonkar was allegedly subjected to workplace harassment, humiliation and bullying by Hindustan Times Mumbai’s Editor Meenal Baghel.

Manipur violence: SC says journalists can’t be prosecuted even if their report is false, calls the complaint ‘a counter-narrative of the govt’

Hearing the Editors Guild case, the SCorally remarked that prosecuting journalists for making false statements in an article would be 'egregious'

‘Trying to instigate more clashes’: FIR filed against the Editor’s Guild of India over its lopsided report on Manipur violence

An FIR has been filed against the Editor's Guild of India for trying to foment more clashes with its lopsided report on Manipur violence.

Editors Guild of India expresses ‘deep concern’ over IT survey at Delhi office of UK’s national broadcaster BBC

Editors Guild of India issued a press release expressing "deep concerns" over the It survey conducted at the BBC headquarter in Delhi

After demanding Supreme Court probe over fictitious app Tek Fog, Editors Guild withdraws reference to it after The Wire retracted its stories

Editors Guild withdraws reference to Tek Fog in its January statement on online harassment of woman journalists

‘Bizarre arrest’, ‘exemplary work’, ‘Altnews resented by ruling party’: How Editors Guild treated arrest of ‘not a journalist’ Zubair and editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami

The Editors Guild of India issued a statement vigorously denouncing the arrest of Alt News co-founder Mohammed Zubair.

Editors Guild wants Govt to vaccinate journalists on priority, even as ordinary citizens wait patiently for their turn

The Editors Guild of India on Friday demanded that the Central Government vaccinate journalists on priority.

Editors Guild of India alleges its Zoom meeting came under ‘cyber-attack’ after they published access code themselves: Why it all smells fishy

EGI themselves tweeted their Zoom meeting ID and passcode, hence there need for any 'cyber-attack' to access the online meeting

Editors Guild of India whitewashes spreading fake news to incite riots, calls it basic principle of journalism: Details

Editors Guild of India condemned the FIRs against 'journalists' for sharing fake news during the Republic Day violence in Delhi.

A new low, even for Editors Guild, as they issue statement against media orgs exposing how Khalistanis have hijacked farmers protest

In an attempt to cover-up the participation of Khalistanis in farmers' protest, the Editors Guild of India today issued an advisory

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