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electricity bill

‘Habitual defaulter’ Navjot Singh Sidhu yet to clear electricity bill since August 2021, owes ₹4.2 lakhs to PSPCL: Reports

Despite defaulting on the payment since August 2021, Sidhu's electricity connection has remained intact.

Metro-man E Sreedharan keeps his poll promise despite losing election, pays for arrears of SC families from his own pocket

Despite losing the Kerala Assembly elections, BJP candidate E Sreedharan did not forget to fulfil his poll promise

Uddhav Thackeray govt does a u-turn after promising inflated electricity bills waiver, BJP holds massive protest: Full details

Uddhav Thackeray govt stated that there will be no waiver as promised before and the consumers will have to foot the bills on their own.

Shiv Sainiks to launch ‘chaddi-baniyan’ protest against their own govt in Maharashtra to oppose inflated electricity bills

Shiv Sena members donning briefs and vests are planning to launch a protest against govt in Maharashtra against the unusually high electricity bills

As Priyanka Gandhi writes to UP CM asking to waiver electricity bill, Congress govt in Rajasthan charges penalty for late payment

As compared to February, consumers in Congress ruled Rajasthan are having to pay at least 25 per cent more for electricity in April and May

Coronavirus lockdown: Temples in Tamil Nadu appeal for relaxation in electricity bills

The Tamil Nadu Rural Temple Priest association has appealed the government to increase the amount for meant for relief for the temple employees.

Gujarat government to waive off electricity bills of rural connections worth Rs.650 crore

The state government has decided to restore electricity connectivity in rural areas on payment of just Rs.500 out of the entire pending amount of the electricity bill.

Why the AAP government’s electricity subsidy in Delhi doesn’t make sense

AAP showcases it as its most successful decision, but it could actually be a burden on state's development.

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