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Last Muslim MP elected from Karnataka was 20 years ago: How Congress, who talks about Muslim rights, has hardly fielded Muslim candidates in elections

Minority appeasement in the past seven decades has been the core of the DNA of the Congress party, however, Congress' idea of empowering Muslims has stayed purely rhetorical

6 AK-47s, 500+ rounds fired, braid chopped off as ‘trophy’: Story of the brutal murder of Krishnanand Rai by mafia don Mukhtar Ansari

It is said that Mukhtar Ansari not only got BJP MLA Krishnanand Rai killed, but also had his braid chopped off as a 'trophy' and evidence of the crime

While Muslims insist that Bhojshala complex in Madhya Pradesh is Kamal Maula mosque here is the list of ancient evidence that proves them wrong

The 11th-century Bhojshala is an ASI-protected monument. Hindus believe it is a temple of Goddess Vagdevi (Saraswati) but the Muslim side disputes it claiming that it is Kamal Maula Mosque.

Exclusive Details: Actor Sushant Singh’s name comes up in court during hearing on Anti-Hindu Delhi riots, was in close touch with UAPA accused Umar...

Defense Counsel Trideep Pais mentioned the WhatsApp chat that Umar Khalid had with actor Sushant Singh a few months after the riots took place in the Capital in February 2020

As Rahul Gandhi says he is ‘fighting against Shakti’ while referring to Hinduism, know the importance of Shakti in Sanatan Dharma

Shakti is the central figure in Hinduism and the derogatory statement made by Rahul Gandhi about her has transformed him from an awkward, lousy and gaffe-prone communicator to an outspoken adversary of Hinduism

Who is Haji Nurul Islam nominated by TMC from Sandeshkhali’s Bashirhat: Mastermind of 2010 riot where Muslim mob burnt down Hindu homes & temples...

Just when the victims of Sandeshkhali may be thinking that they would get to sleep in peace, the Mamata Government has once again planned to send them to the gallows by pitching in Haji Nurul Islam from the constituency.

While Mamata Banerjee claims West Bengal is the ‘safest’ place for women, here is how they are mistreated, harassed and victimised in her regime

This report outlines the horrors that a few of the countless destitute Hindu women in West Bengal have experienced under Mamata's regime

Nita Ambani’s emerald necklace and Sudha Murthy’s simple lifestyle: Left-liberals find reasons to hate both

The purpose of writing this article today is to highlight the obvious hypocrisies of these so-called liberals who wish to spread the myth that those who are wealthy are all entitled, arrogant, and oblivious to the struggles faced by common people.

‘Bhagwan ko bhul jayegi…beef khaegi: Love jihad victim narrates to OpIndia how Taha Razi assaulted, threatened her to convert to Islam, forced her to...

Recently, a heart-wrenching case of love jihad came to the fore from Bengaluru, Karnataka. An innocent Hindu girl fell victim to the love jihad trap laid by Taha Razi, a youth from Bihar, who pretended to be Hindu

TheWire’s Arfa Khanum feels Hindus pressed saffron flags in her chest, confirms that she is a part of the legacy of Babur ki Aulaad:...

Speaking at a book launch event organised by India International Center on January 23, Arfa Khanum Sherwani, the senior editor of The Wire highlighted her frustration with the way the people in the society she lives in celebrated Ram Lalla's homecoming by hoisting saffron flags

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