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EVM Hacking

EVMs are not hacked, narrative around EVMs is: Read why Indian EVMs are totally safe, and how opposition peddles falsehood of hacking to explain...

It is extremely crucial to put complete information in the public domain to help voters make up their minds on the authenticity of allegations leveled against EVMs whenever opposition parties lose an election.

Days after defending PM Narendra Modi on EVM issue, Ajit Anjum says that Modi doubted EVMs before 2014

Ajit Anjum has now said that PM Modi had doubted the EVMs in the past. On 3rd January, Ajit Anjum shared a fact check that showed how such allegations against Modi are false.

Opposition leaders need to learn how to accept defeat: How shady YouTubers and politicians are hurting India’s democracy with their EVM lies

Opposition leaders must learn to accept defeat and respect the electorate choice instead of spinning yarns about EVMs

EVM-VVPAT hacking claims, old wine in a new bottle – Here is how Prashant Bhushan is beating a dead horse

Fear mongering around EVM and VVPAT has resurfaced on social media thanks to Prashant Bhushan.

India Vs Brazil: The doublespeak of BBC on EVMs and how it tried to interfere in India’s electoral process

In 2017, Opindia had reported how BBC deliberately shared a 2010 article about alleged EVM hacking after BJP swept Uttar Pradesh polls in 2017.

‘Court not place where everybody walks in to get publicity’: SC rebukes Madhya Pradesh Jan Vikas Party for petition against EVM, imposes fine

The SC chastised Jan Vikas Party for bringing the baseless accusation of EVM tampering to court

‘Be ready with bamboos & sticks’: Samajwadi Party supporters threaten bloodshed after Akhilesh Yadav spreads EVM hacking allegations

Samajwadi Party supporters took to Twitter to threaten bloodshed and violence after Akhilesh Yadav's EVM rigging allegations

SC to hear PIL seeking VVPAT verification at the beginning of counting, rejects urgent hearing request by Chandrababu Naidu

RTI activist Rakesh Kumar in his application has sought that the number of polling booths where mandatory VVPAT verification is done should be increased from 5 per constituency to 25 or in proportion to the size of the constituency.

As EVM theories fade after Mamata Banerjee’s win, here is all you need to know about how EVMs cannot be hacked, no matter who...

EVMs are "calculator like devices" that cannot be hacked, as they can not be reprogrammed, and they don't have any hardware for external communication

Mamata Banerjee raises ‘tampering’ bogie again hours after EC dismissed her claims, accuses central forces of working for BJP

Mamata Banerjee claimed that the central security forces have been intimidating people to not vote for TMC and vote for BJP

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