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Footage of October 7 Hamas terror attack screened by Israeli consulate in Mumbai shows they were well prepared, reminded of the Mumbai terror attack

Israeli Consulate in Mumbai held a screening of the raw footage of October 7 Hamas terror attack on 9 November

When Hitler and Stalin shook hands as they thought communism was a promise of heaven: As Western Europe sleeps, Hungary should light candle of...

August 23 reminds us of the handshakes of two dictators and the anti-human regimes they ran - Nazis led by Hitler, Communists led by Stalin

The horrors of partition: How the British left a legacy of unrest which haunts us to this day

The world’s worst historical horrors of mass genocide were the cold-blooded ruthless murders which the partition of India saw

From soft power ascendancy to global leadership: India’s inspiring rise and future prospects in the international arena

India has a vision of a relatively pluralistic government, non-violent, and liberal with a non-threatening global leadership.

Let’s forget about Sabrina Siddiqui’s Pakistani origins and anti-Modi hate for a moment: Here is deconstructing her question, proving her bias

Sabrina Siddiqui's question to PM Modi in the US was not a question at all, it was heavy propaganda camouflaged as a question

Aryan Invasion Theory: Let us revive the debate again

Until the millennium year 2000, there had been many voices doubting or plainly rejecting the Aryan Invasion Theory, and contributing many little arguments from linguistics or archaeology, all indirect evidence, but a clear alternative was lacking.

The crux of Budget 2023 and its impact on direct taxes

This was the last full budget of this government before the general elections in 2024 but even then, the government resisted the temptation to go for populist measures.

India International Centre President Shyam Saran should apologise for inviting Romila Thapar for History lecture

Romila Thapar being invited for CD Deshmukh Memorial Lecture at India International Centre has created quite a furore.

Good governance during a natural calamity: How we can find ways to alleviate the adverse effects

Karnataka displayed some strong management skills during COVID - other natural disasters have also managed with alacrity

The demonisation of Hindus, the Leicester violence and the cry of Hindutva: What Hindus can learn from Jews

Violence in Leicester is a stark warning to all Hindus - and Hindus need to learn how to survive and talk about their genocide from Jews

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