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How the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, used Wikipedia to start an affair

Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, used certain tactic, to gain the trust of a lady journalist Rachel Mardsen and start an affair with her.

Oscars slapgate: Who are the biggest gainers and losers of the Chris Rock-Will Smith spectacle

The Chris Rock-Will Smith incident at the Oscars had made us reckon who stands to gain and who loses from such controversial events

“One-word” review: The Kashmir Files can be defined in one word – ‘Watershed’

As far as one word reviews go, let’s first start with the movie The Kashmir Files itself – it’s a 'watershed'.

On the second anniversary of the Delhi anti-Hindu Riots, here is how this time, the violence was not merely a Hindu-Muslim strife

India has had a long history of Hindu-Muslim violence since the colonial times but the Delhi anti-Hindu riots were different

Manipur: PM Modi’s vision, the unfolding of a glorious chapter under BJP and how it will lead to a thumping victory

Manipur, literally meaning a bejewelled land and widely acknowledged as the sports capital of India, is also a melting pot of cultural and ethnic diversity.

As West Bengal starts to become West Bangladesh, time to remember how Bangladesh was formed to realize the goals of Lahore Resolution

Bangladesh was formed to realize the goals of Lahore Resolution of 1940, had nothing to do with Bengali language and culture

Decoding the stability of Maha Vikas Aghadi Government in Maharashtra and politics in today’s scenario

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray led Maha Vikas Aghadi government came to power in November 2019.

India and Armenia share a common threat and the two countries should collaborate

India and Armenia have those common geopolitical and military adversaries - Turkey, Pakistan, Azerbaijan and the two countries must come together to preserve their interests.

Who was Stan Swamy? Man on a mission to endanger India

A brief profile on Father Stan Swamy, who wanted to overthrow the democratically elected Indian government and wage a war against India

Kerala Model: How the communist govt failed its people amid oxygen crisis during second wave

Even as Kerala Health Minister Veena George claims that Kerala did not have oxygen crisis during nationwide second wave of COVID infections, a cursory glance at media reports from that time shows otherwise

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