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Domestic wheat prices fall up to 8 per cent after India imposes export ban: Details

After restrictions imposed on wheat exports, the domestic prices of wheat have come down by 8 per cent.

Central govt relaxes export ban order on wheat: Registered consignments up to May 13 can be shipped, Egypt to get 61,500 MT Indian wheat

On May 17, Tuesday, the central government announced relaxations to its previous order restricting wheat exports.

Media spreads canards as India bans wheat exports: Here are the reasons and how China hoards wheat to manipulate global prices

One of the reasons of banning wheat export is to prevent China from buying and hoarding Indian wheat to manipulate the price

Growth in imports from China slows down during Modi govt while India’s trade with other countries increase at a much higher rate

The growth rate for India’s trade with China is even less than the growth rate of India’s total international trade, which increased by 50%

Adani operated ports will not handle container cargo from Iran, Pakistan or Afghanistan from November 15

From November 15, APSEZ will not handle containerized cargo originating from Iran, Pakistan or Afghanistan.

No, Indian govt did not export medical oxygen as country grappled coronavirus pandemic. Here are the facts

India did not export 9884 MT of medical oxygen between January to March 2021 amid raging coronavirus pandemic

Vietnam to buy 70,000 tonnes of rice from India after decades. Here is why

If such trends continue, countries which traditionally import rice from Thailand and Vietnam might eventually turn towards India.

Congress screams ‘scam’ in Iron Ore Pellet export based on policies introduced during Congress government: Read details

Export duty on Iron Ore Pellet was reduced to zero by UPA govt in 2011, not in 2014 as alleged by congress party

Indian economy shows signs of recovery as exports go up by 13% in the first week of September

With the reopening of the economy in the country, Indian export to China was highest during the first week of September

Commerce ministry caps MEIS benefit to exporters during last 4 months of the scheme, govt says move aimed at protecting genuine exporters

According to an analysis done by the Department of Commerce, 98% of the exporters who claim MEIS will be unaffected by the changes

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