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‘India is homophobic’: Ayushmann Khurrana on Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui’s box-office failure

Ayushmann Khurrana said India is homophobic while explaining about Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui's box office failure.

Pakistan: ‘Unidentified object’ with tail of smoke falls from sky in Jamshoro, speculated to be failed missile test in response to the Brahmos accident

People living in Aliabad of Jamshoro in the Sindh state of Pakistan saw an unidentified object falling from the sky

Pakistan ‘successfully’ test-fires missile injuring people, destroying houses in civil area, say Baloch leaders

Contrary to claims of Pakistani Army's successful tests of Shaheen-III Missile, several reports coming from Pakistan suggests that the test carried out by Pakistan was a massive failure as the missile landed in a civilian area in Balochistan destroying several houses and injuring civilians

The Dadri death has killed a bit of hope in our minds too

Commentaries given by many BJP leaders on the Dadri type even are shaking the faith in the organization

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