Tuesday, October 4, 2022



Facebook spied on private messages of conservatives who questioned the 2020 elections and reported them to the FBI

For 19 months, Facebook tracked private messages of conservatives of Messenger and sent reports to the FBI

Angelina Jolie anonymously files suit against FBI for giving clean chit to ex-husband Brad Pitt in 2016 case: All you need to know

Despite the fact that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are legally divorced, the couple is still fighting over custody of their minor children.

Salman Rushdie may lose one eye, stabbed in the neck and liver, one Hadi Matar arrested for the attack: What we know so far

Hours after Salman Rushdie was brutally stabbed at Chautauqua Institution in the United States, the novelist's agent Andrew Wylie informed that he is still in a critical state.

Former NYPD Commissioner says Democrats may attempt Donald Trump’s assassination to stop him from running in 2024

Following the raid on Trump's residence, former NYPD Commissioner said it was part of the attempts Democrats are making to stop Trump from contesting in 2024

FBI raids Florida home of Donald Trump in presidential records probe, ‘these are dark times for our nation’, he says: Read the full statement

FBI conducted raids at the Florida residence of Donald Trump in connection to presidential records probe

Chinese Telecom giant Huawei can disrupt US defence and nuclear communications: FBI probe reveals CCP’s sinister plans

The FBI discovered that Huawei equipment was capable of recognising and disrupting Defence Department communications. This was despite the fact that the equipment was cleared and certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

FBI slammed for trying to downplay motives behind Texas synagogue siege where Islamic terrorist was heard ranting about ‘f*cking Jews’

It must be mentioned that Akram, a Tablighi Jamaat member, had entered the synagogue by pretending to be a homeless man.

Muslim man poses as American Jew secret agent to marry a Jew woman from Brooklyn, being probed by FBI after three passports found

A Lebanese-born Muslim man posed as a Hasidic Jew and lied his way into marrying a Jewish woman of Syrian descent living in Brooklyn

FBI raids Project Veritas founder James O’ Keefe’s apartment in Biden’s daughter’s stolen diary inquiry

The FBI is probing he matter of stolen Diary of Ashley Biden, and raided the residence of Project Veritas founder James O’ Keefe

The Michigan Kidnapping Conspiracy: How a US army veteran-turned-FBI informant instigated a plot to abduct a Governor

Dan's job was to pass on crucial information to the FBI, participate in group activities with the condition that he must not do anything illegal.

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