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25 years of Harry Potter: Author JK Rowling thanks the readers on the occasion for making the books a success, here is what she...

JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series has taken to Twitter to thank her fans on the 25th anniversary of the publication of her first book

Finding Manaf: The Kaushik Basu syndrome that is plaguing the country like a storm

But at least we got one learning. That when it comes to saving the dignity of women, chaiwallahs are the ones who are rising to occasion.

Sutradhar by Ratul Chakraborty: A collection of stories from historical fantasy to cosmic horror set across the arc of Indian history

Sutradhar by Ratul Chakraborty is a collection of stories set across the arc of Indian history.

Operation Johar: Author Abhishek Banerjee takes us back in time of left-wing terror in newly formed Jharkhand

In his debut book Operation Johar: A Love Story, author and columnist Abhishek Banerjee walks us down the memory lane of left-wing terror in the newly formed Jharkhand.

How the ecosystem lives among us – A short story

A purely fictional tale about the powers that may be

Why I decided to publish my first novel all by myself

Journalist turned author Nirwa Mehta shares her experience with book publishing.

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