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Asaduddin Owaisi jumps into Gujarat area to eat a slice of Muslim votebank as he announces first three candidates

Political observers believe that AIMIM along with Aam Aadmi Party may end up winning a few seats here and there mostly because the disgruntled Congress voter may end up voting for them.

From Muskan in Karnataka to Aina Khan in the UK, women in hijab can ‘bravely’ stand up to ‘Hindutva’ because they know Hindus do...

India or England, Hijab-clad Muskans and Ainas can be 'brave' before Hindutva because they know Hindus do not kill

Twenty years after 2002 Gujarat riots destroyed this family, they’ve picked themselves up, but challenges remain

Manglaben, Shashikant's widow, just wants to ensure good education to her children so that they can become financially independent and live a life of dignity. Twenty years is a long time. Past has been cruel to them, hopefully the future will be better.

Leicester: The Guardian’s Aina Khan confirms Hindu temple desecrated, flag burned by Islamist mob, but invokes ‘good Imam’

The mob which desecrated Hindu temple in Leicester has no religion, but the lone man who miraculously appeared on scene to 'protect it' did, are are to believe as per The Guardian's Aina Khan

The Guardian’s Aina Khan invokes ‘RSS’ in Leicester violence where Islamists attacked Hindu community, shows how Ummah trumps facts

The Guardian's Aina Khan's rant amid the Leicester violence appears racist and full of bias against the Indian diaspora, especially Hindus.

Modi 2024: Why not just the TINA factor

There are alternatives - Arvind Kejriwal, Mamata Banerjee, Nitish Kumar - who, just like Modi have been chief ministers of their states many times. Just because you may not vote for them you cannot ignore those who did.

Kejriwal’s three-wheeled wonder and his leg hanging out: The role autorickshaws in his rise as politician

Ahead of Gujarat state assembly elections, Arvind Kejriwal ups his 'planned candid dinner at autorickshawwala' game again.

‘145 days to go’: Congress’ message on Rahul Gandhi’s ‘container yatra’ shows that their ‘Idea of India’ does not include you

Congress shared image of burning pants with caption how they want to 'free country from shackles of hate' and how step by step they will 'reach the goal' - within 145 days.

Medha Patkar’s name as AAP CM candidate for Gujarat lands Kejriwal into trouble as 13 out of 19 candidates threaten to quit party ahead...

Arvind Kejriwal gets into damage control mode as AAP in Gujarat threatens to crumble even before it can take off in the state ahead of polls.

Misogynist or misunderstood? Ami Ganatra retells the Hindu epic Ramayana in her latest book

Author Ami Ganatra speaks to OpIndia Editor Nirwa Mehta on her latest book, Ramayana Unravelled which talks about lesser known facets of Shri Ram from the epic written by Rishi Valmiki.

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