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The Kerala Story: Pushing the envelope in calling out soft conversion to Islam which graduates to terrorism by brainwashing

These are the lived experiences of these men and women. Why is truth being dismissed as propaganda? Why cry Islamophobia when indoctrination is being done in name of Islam?

‘Gandi bimari’: How Arvind Kejriwal just stigmatised an autoimmune disease for his political gains

On the face of it, may feel that it is a regular wish for better health for a woman who is suffering a very painful disease that is very difficult to live with. However, the usage of the word 'gandi bimari' (dirty illness) is highly inappropriate.

Twitter user who identifies himself as Pakistani army personnel threatens to nuke Greece for calling Pakistan beggar: Read what happened

A Twitter user who identified himself as a Pakistani army personnel threatened to nuke Greece for calling Pakistan a beggar.

Will the ‘Chinese national’ who Rahul Gandhi is talking about please stand up?

Rahul Gandhi has yet again floated conspiracy theories based on his very limited understanding of how businesses work. He should read up more if he does not want to end with an egg on his face.

Rahul Gandhi keeps asking ‘Adani mein Rs 20,000 crore kiske hain’, read why this is Pappu level question because Gandhi is not reading

Rahul Gandhi has been casting aspersions about a mysterious Rs 20,000 crore money routed to Adani Group company and questioning whose money is it. Well, we try and make sense of this.

Ro Khanna, doesn’t matter what your nanaji told your mom ‘personally’, he officially supported Emergency

Abhijit Iyer Mitra furnished Lok Sabha records that show Ro Khanna's grandfather indeed voted for Emergency.

Frustrated Congressis target Smriti Irani again with sexual innuendos, the Amethi loss of now disqualified MP Rahul Gandhi still hurts

The frustration is from the fact that Smriti Irani won Amethi. Not just win it, but won it after defeating Rahul Gandhi, something Congressis are still salty about.

Rahul Gandhi has not yet appealed against conviction because despite battery of legal eagles, they have not managed to translate order from Gujarati

Gujarat Congress leaders Shaktisinh Gohil and Amee Yajnik, are lawyers and quite certainly understand Gujarati enough to translate the Surat court order to English. Despite that Congress has taken days to file an appeal against Rahul Gandhi's conviction.

How safe are we Gujaratis? Politicians continue to dogwhistle against people from Gujarat, making them easy target for hate crime

Are 6.5 crore of us Gujaratis subhumans? How long before such targeted attacks on people of Gujarati community dogwhistled by mainstream politicians is normalised and we are driven out of our homes?

Bihar cabinet minister Tej Pratap Yadav tweets video of himself watching Shri Krishna while asleep, well past midnight, netizens amused

Tej Pratap Yadav had earlier seen late Samajwadi Party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav in his dream and then cycled to work the next day with an entourage of media personnel and his own security personnel.

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