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Taking a tough stand on Pakistan, the US has hugely cut down on the financial and military aid that it provided to the country.
India remains the fastest growing major economy in the world with an annual average GDP growth during the last five years higher than the growth achieved by any Government since economic reforms began in 1991.
India’s total exports are measured in the hundreds of billions of $$$! An amount of $190 million is around 0.05% to 0.1% of our export figure
Claims by section of media that Banning of Unregulated Deposit Schemes Ordinance will harm regular businesses is wrong and baseless, govt has clarified
After the recent assembly elections, there has been a renewed discussion about the likelihood of a “mahagathbandhan” of regional political parties with the agenda of reducing the margin of victory for the PM Modi led NDA
Let us have a look at what we can expect from the Budget
"India and France are likely to surpass the UK in the world's largest economy rankings in 2019, knocking it from fifth to seventh place in the global table," PwC's Global Economy Watch report said.
On January 19th 2018, several media houses reported how the central government debt had increased massively under the Modi government
It is expected that the arrears of the seventh pay commission will be given with retrospective effect from January 2016
The man who steered the economy through Demonetization, Shaktikanta Das, has been put in charge of the RBI by the Modi government
With the election season in full swing, I am reminded of the famous phrase “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”. As clear as this phrase is to Economists, politicians tend to disregard this important lesson while they formulate populist economic policies that tend to garner more support than sound economic policies. Socialists just want to spend, spend and spend as if it’s a free buffet, little do they realise that at the end of the day, there’s someone’s labour that is responsible for paying for the buffet. A good example of how such policies can be...
IMPS has been rated better than similar payment systems from US, Singapore, Germany etc
The government has delivered well on most parameters
Trump presidency is like dumping Chinese bubbles into a stack of needles and all it needs is one small trigger to begin the big burst.
The misinformation in the Media is staggering
At least 28 people have been arrested in this matter
The Congress party isn't having the best of financial times
The digital terms which are taking the world by storm
Wilful defaulters will not get a chance to rebid for their assets on auction.
PMJDY has had significant effect on our economy
Congress launched a 'State Bank of Tomatoes' to protest against price rise, but there is a catch.
The GST Council has slashed rates for as many as 66 of the 133 items on which representations had been received.
If the idea is made operational in India, this will be the first of its kind in the entire world.
This is a new controversy which the Kejriwal government has gotten itself into
The prices of various products can come down from July
There would be no financial free run for the NGOs just because they claim to be involved in working for the betterment of the society
The idea might sound a bit far-fetched, but it can help achieve the objectives.
A look at the common barriers towards being cashless or less-cash economy.

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