Topic: financial irregularities

Archbishop Govada Dyvasirvadam was arrested in December for misappropriating church funds worth several crores.
Bahl has asserted that he was and has been fully 'tax compliant',
It is being reported that other professionals are also being raided
The former Tehelka editor is allegedly involved in massive money laundering operations
SEBI observes that the loan to Prannoy and Radhika Roy violated norms.
Just yesterday the CBI had booked a Congress era loyalist in this matter
This is a result of the government's crackdown on FCRA violations
The former NDTV journalist defended her going public with censorship within the organization
A Chartered Accountant narrates his experiences post demonetisation
These directors won't be allowed to serve on the board of other companies
This is another skeleton which is coming out of the former SP government's chest

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