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“Parsis living happily in India shows Indian society does not discriminate against any religious minority”: PM Modi on future of Muslims in India

In an interview with Financial Times, PM Narendra Modi talked about India's unity and tolerance of various religious communities with no discrimination

FT comes to Mahua Moitra’s rescue, plays the ‘woman’ victim card to gloss over bribery charges and misuse of parliamentary privilege

Financial TImes tried to push a narrative that Moitra was a victim of gender discrimination and her allegations against the Adani Group.

Canada essentially wants everyone to believe India killed Nijjar based on nothing more than ‘trust me bro’: Here is what the FT report indicates

A report published in the Financial Times over the strain in India-Canada relationship chalked up Nijjar's murder to New Delhi even though Canada has failed to provide evidence that prove India's involvement.

Rahul Gandhi resumes attack on PM Modi using report on Adani by group funded by George Soros and Ford Foundation, repeats already debunked lies

Rahul Gandhi resumed attack on PM Modi after Financial Times and Guardian claimed that Adani secretly invested in own shares

FT’s American journalist claims he was thrown out of an India-Russia event: Here’s what happened

John Reed, a journalist with Financial Times, later clarified that the Indo-Russia event was turned into a closed door event.

‘Mendacious, deliberate attempt to paint the group in worst possible light’: Adani Group asks FT to take down its misleading March 22 article

The Adani Group accused the Financial Times of being selective in using publicly available facts to attack the group.

Rahul Gandhi keeps asking ‘Adani mein Rs 20,000 crore kiske hain’, read why this is Pappu level question because Gandhi is not reading

Rahul Gandhi has been casting aspersions about a mysterious Rs 20,000 crore money routed to Adani Group company and questioning whose money is it. Well, we try and make sense of this.

Coal crisis: How global media is attacking India to reduce China’s embarrassment

But the blackouts haven’t happened yet. We are on thin ice, but we are getting by. You cannot deny that.

FT refers to India as the ‘weakest link’ in the Quad. How their quoted expert denies conclusion and how they got it massively wrong

Quoting a few experts in foreign policy, FT declared that India is the 'weakest link' of the informal alliance as it had failed to provide necessary vaccines to the nations as it had agreed to in the Quad summit that was held in March.

How can poor brown people make good vaccines? FT peddled lies claiming PM Modi may have ‘secretly’ taken a foreign dose

Before India started the phase 1 of the vaccination drive for frontline workers, PM Modi had emphasised that politicians should wait for their turn and not 'jump the queue'.

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