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IPL: Delhi and Punjab never win, Rajasthan always fall short, Kolkata and Hyderabad are in doldrums, but only RCB’s fans abuse opponents for their...

Throughout this season of IPL, RCB fans have become infamous for their terrible behaviour. Whether it was shouting "Vadapav" at Indian captain Rohit Sharma or trolling and abusing Indian legend Gautam Gambhir, or even trolling the youngster from Afghanistan Naveen-ul-Haq

‘Women must dress modestly’, ‘Democracy is useless’, ‘Fight for Allah’: How a student’s platform is championing supremacist causes at AMU and Jamia

Haya Campaign in AMU and Jamia promotes hijab, urges Muslims to stay away from "kafirs" and runs campaigns against Hindu festivals

Rana Ayyub lambasts the people of India for making The Kashmir Files and The Kerala Story blockbuster: But what does the success of PK,...

Rana Ayyub recently bewailed that The Kerala Story and The Kashmir Files validates the prejudice and hate that exists within.

As Congress gains edge in early trends, Congress credits Rahul Gandhi already: Is Karnataka yet another relaunch of the prince?

Ignoring Karnataka stalwart and state Congress President DK Shivakumar and former Chief Minister and Chairperson of state Congress committee Siddaramiah, the party's official Twitter handle chose to promote Rahul Gandhi for the good results

Rana Ayyub gets endorsement and support from Pakistan Press Counsellor in Washington: Dissecting Ayyub’s anti-India, anti-Hindu rhetorics in WaPo article

Rana Ayyub recently penned a vicious article in Washington Post, replete with half-truths, distortions, and polarising rhetorics.

As Islamists try to link PM Modi with ‘hate’ over The Kerala Story, here is why his mention of the movie has hurt them

Mohammed Zubair recently linked PM Modi with 'hate' while dog whistling against a Twitter user over a screen-grab from 'The Kerala Story.

As The Wire’s Arfa Sherwani calls ‘love jihad’ propaganda, read why calling it propaganda is giving cover fire to Islamists

Despite numerous testimonies, The Wire's Arfa Khanum Sherwani continues to brush aside the menace of love jihad as propaganda.

As Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and other ‘liberals’ outrage about PM Modi cracking a “suicide joke”, here is how it was anything but that

At the Republic summit, Prime Narendra Modi regaled the audience with an amusing joke about a professor fussing over the spelling of a word after his daughter pens a suicide note saying she will end her life at the Kankariya Lake.

Congress believes Rahul Gandhi’s exit from 12 Tughlaq Lane will lead to his entry at 7 Lok Kalyan Marg but here is why they...

Some loyalists had even gone to the extent of claiming that Rahul Gandhi will become Prime Minister on account of this particular event.

Meet Jas Oberoi, Canada-based columnist, who used to write for NewsLaundry, known for pushing anti-India, anti-Hindu, pro-Khalistani propaganda

Jas Oberoi is known for spreading lies and propaganda. Interestingly, he keeps his professional and activism life seperate

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