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Remembering Haqiqat Rai: The first Hindu victim of the blasphemy law who was stoned to death on Basant Panchami in Mughal era

Haqiqat Rai was a 15-year-old Hindu boy in Sialkot in 18th-century India. He is known as the first noted victim of Islamic blasphemy laws. He was stoned to death in Lahore.

Under-19 girls’ singles badminton: Tasnim Mir becomes first Indian to rank No.1 in the world

Tasnim Mir, a junior category shuttler, has become the world's number-1 badminton player in the women's singles category of Under-19.

The importance of a Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi, that is allowed to display Hinduism proudly

It is also an indication of the soft power of India in the region now

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