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2024 Lok Sabha elections: Pappu paas ho gaya, admit it, but beware of what he is going to do next

If we loosen our guard right now, we would risk going into a spiral of chaos and conflicts from where it would be too late to recover from.

“Speculative reports”: External affairs ministry refuses to comment on reports that 2 Indian spies expelled from Australia for trying to ‘steal secrets’

MEA refused to comment on media reports that alleged that Australia expelled two Indian spies who were trying to 'steal secrets' and termed them as "speculative reports."

‘India determines its own visa policy, we are not going to opine on it’: US State Dept rejects Pakistani journalist’s question on Avani Dias

Avani Dias, an Australian journalist claimed that she was not allowed to cover the 2024 Lok Sabha polls and was compelled to leave the country. However, later government sources revealed that her claims are "not correct, misleading and mischievous."

Allahabad HC restricts the release of Al Jazeera’s propaganda documentary ‘India…Who Lit The Fuse’: Read what the judgement says

The petitioner says as per some print and social media reports, the documentary portrays Muslim minority living with a sense of fear and presents a disruptive narrative creating a sense of public hatred, which is far from reality.

Western media makes little mention of the criminal background of Atiq Ahmed, focuses on the gangster’s political career instead

Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf were shot dead from point-blank range in Prayagraj on the night of April 15, 2023.

Congress leaders flaunt foreign media coverage of Rahul Gandhi after having denied that they were seeking foreign support in local politics

Ever since his disqualification, Congress leaders have been accusing the central government of suppressing Rahul Gandhi’s voice.

Former CEO of Prasar Bharati calls out the pro-China bias of NYT author who vilified India and PM Modi, irks a usual suspect with...

Shashi Shekhar pointed out how Chowdhury has been trying to mainstream the fake narrative that India provoked the Sino-Indian war of 1962.

China devising new ways to harass and intimidate foreign journalists, says a report by Committee to Protect Journalists

According to a CPJ report published last year, the Chinese govt had imposed restrictions on free speech and freedom of media

From Uyghurs to COVID: How China has roped in vloggers and influencers to spread disinformation and propagate CCP agenda

Since official Chinese government mouthpiece get flagged by YouTube and Twitter as government channels, China has come up with an innovative way to spread propaganda

“Indian variant” is a repeat of how the world changed Hitler’s “hooked cross” to “Swastika”

From America to Europe to Australia, no human being on the face of this earth is safe. Because the "Indian variant" is coming for everyone.

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