Monday, April 15, 2024



Fringe or mainstream: Why are we not talking about the fact that Taliban is a Deobandi movement?

The underlying assumption for 'liberals' is clear. The Taliban and their attitude towards women, gays, human rights and civil liberties are all outliers. The Taliban is fringe.

Organisation of Big Tech companies that operate anti-terror database labels BJP as non-violent extremist fringe group

GIFCT says that Level 1 Fringe Groups, under which BJP is listed, promote norms of purity, supremacy, domination, or revenge

Congress Party has shrunk to a fringe party by siding with Tukde Tukde gang : Union Minister Prakash Javdekar

Javdekar claimed that BJP would get a landslide victory by getting more seats than it won in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and that the NDA would get two-third majority in the elections.

Dear Pavan Varma: Are you the ‘fringe’ or the ‘mainstream’?

JDU's national general secretary should do some answering

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