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Fund Raise

The Wire’s Arfa participates in a ‘fundraiser’ organised by Islamist org IAMC, talks about ‘rise of Hindutva in US’, what we know so far

Arfa Khanum Sherwani spoke on "Rise of Hindutva in the US" during a fundraiser organised by dubious Islamist org IAMC

A controversial crowdfunding platform used by Modi haters is online again, and Congress leader Jignesh Mevani is using it to raise election funds

Jignesh Mevani is using controversial crowd funding website Our Democracy to raise funds for election campaign for Gujarat Assembly Elections.

Organiser of Diwali party in US to raise funds for Pakistan-based jihadi outfit cries Islamophobia, says AlKhidmat recommendation came via American public broadcaster

This raised concerns if the Diwali fundraiser for AlKhidmat Foundation could be used to fund terror activities in India and abroad.

Dubious procedures, morphed medical documents: Are fraud campaigns making their way into Ketto and Milaap?

Netizens raise red flags about increasing number of fraud fundraisers citing medical needs that use forged documents and inflated monetary requirements.

US: Woman who defrauded people with $400K GoFundMe scam sentenced to one year in prison

Katelyn McClure, a US woman, is accused of swindling over $400,000 from people over a fabricated sob story.

Humans of Bombay issues clarification after netizens question the authenticity of Muskaan’s story

Fundraiser of one 22-year-old girl, Muskaan, who wanted to crowdfund her studies at Harvard, has gone viral on social media where netizens have raised suspicion on the authenticity of the same.

Silence of the Ecosystem: How ‘fact-checkers’ kept mum over fake claims that Hrithik Roshan contributed to the fund they promoted

The ecosystem which sought money to help the 'victims' of action against encroachments, conveniently let the rumour of Hrithik Roshan contributing the money do rounds on social media.

Outfit that helped Rohingya Muslims settle in India now seeks donations to help ‘victims’ of the anti-encroachment drive in Jahangirpuri

Miles2Smiles, which is spearheading a fundraiser to help 'victims' of anti-encroachment drive in Jahangirpuri, has earlier helped settle Rohingya Muslims in Nuh, Haryana.

Claims of Rana Ayyub being innocent fall flat, while she didn’t utilize collected money, she was seeking more donations by lying about relief work

Twitter user Hawk Eye explained how Rana Ayyub made tall claims about Covid relief campaigns she ran in two years.

Congress supporter turned TMC member Saket Gokhale gets attacked for not giving details of money he raised from Modi haters

Netizens demand details of funds collected by Saket Gokhale in donations, the utilisation and detail of work done by him

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