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Gender identities

JK Rowling breaks Scotland’s new ‘Hate Crime’ law, refuses to bow down to trans politics at the cost of women’s rights

As JK Rowling challenged the Scottish authorities many ‘trans activists’ also pushed for Rowling’s arrest. However, the Scottish Police soon made it clear that the Harry Potter author would not be arrested even though they had received multiple complaints regarding her X posts in question.

UK: Biological male dressed up as a woman reports Harry Potter author JK Rowling to police, wants her arrested for ‘misgendering’ him

The Harry Potter author, slammed the ‘trans activist’, calling Willoughby a “trans-identified man” adding that “there is no human right to universal validation.

Solicitor General reads out definitions of gender identities based on mood swings, queer “activists” call it hate-mongering

SG Mehta said if the apex court was inclined to recognise same-sex marriage, it might need to take into account 72 different categories of sexual orientation that are claimed to exist.

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