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Rana Ayyub downplays the crimes of gangster Atiq Ahmed at UNESCO panel on ‘Press Freedom’, plays up her own ‘Muslim’ identity: Details

Rana Ayyub claimed, "Three weeks on camera, a lawmaker was shot dead live on camera. And we had people celebrating that on Twitter."

Did Rana Ayyub speak at United Nations General Assembly? Not really. Here is what really happened

In a tweet on May 1, Rana Ayyub deliberately chose to omit the fact that she would be speaking at UN General Assembly Hall as a part of a panel guest.

‘Some countries using terrorism and fragile situation in Afghanistan as political tool’: PM Modi at UN General Assembly

A country with a regressive thinking is using terrorism as a political tool, PM Modi said without naming Pakistan in his speech in UNGA

“The time for talking is over, the world needs to act now”: PM Modi at the UN climate summit

an ounce of practice is worth more than a ton of preaching, Modi said at the UN climate summit

“Empty rhetoric” will not change the reality of Jammu & Kashmir being an integral part of India – India’s reply in UNGA debate

This happened after Pakistan’s envoy made a reference to the Kashmir at a U.N General Assembly debate.

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