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India @ 75: Remembering the Contributions of the Gorkha community to the Independence Movement

The sacrifices and contributions of the Indian Gorkha community towards our freedom struggle and nation-building are immense,

All India Women’s Conference says Nepali is not an Indian language, furious Gorkhas demand apology and removal of ‘racist’ individuals

BJP MP Raju Bista wrote to All India Women’s Conference demanding apology after the NGO said that Nepali is not Indian language

Akshay Kumar thanks Major for pointing out wrong depiction of Khukri in ‘Gorkha’ poster, invites suggestions for accurate portrayal

Major Manik Jolly informed Akshay Kumar that the Gorkha movie poster wrongly depicted the Khukri weapon.

Assam govt decides not to prosecute Gorkhas under the Citizenship Act, to withdraw all cases against them in Foreigners Tribunals

Assam govt will withdraw all cases against Gorkhas pending in Foreigners Tribunals for failing to prove their citizenshiip

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