Monday, June 17, 2024


Hamare Baarah

Supreme Court halts the release of movie “Hamare Baarah”, says the teaser has objectionable content which has already been deleted from the movie

A day before the schedule date of release on Bombay High Court’s permission, the Supreme Court of India today halted the release of the movie Hamare Baarah

“Hamare Baarah” movie crew, facing ISIS-style beheading threats from Islamists, file Police complaint against rape & death threats

About the complaint, the film's producers' team said, "Not only us but our family members and friends are also receiving death threats. But the police have assured us that you are in Maharashtra, nothing wrong will happen to you."

‘Its release will be your last day’: Islamists with links to SDPI issue ISIS-style beheading threats to the crew of movie “Hamare Baarah”

Ahead of Kamal Chandra directed "Hamare Baarah" is released, Islamists in social media issue death threats demanding to not release the movie

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