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As subcontinent Muslims outrage about Smriti Irani’s visit to Madinah, Saudis push back, say they don’t care about opinions of ‘converted Muslims’

"our land our country our rules. Just because your ancestors converted to islam and gave you an arabic name doesn’t mean you have an opinion in it. you are irrelevant and we are not the same," the Saudi netizen wrote on X

Thiruvananthapuram: Seven students of Govt Medical College seek permission to wear hijab-like PPE inside OR to ‘maintain modesty’. What we know

Seven female students of Thiruvananthapuram Govt Medical College have reportedly sought permission to wear hijab-like attire inside the operation theatre.

‘Iranian law of compulsory headscarf direct violation of my human rights’: Chess star pulls out of Championship

Soumya Swaminathan has stated that the Islamic law of a compulsory headscarf is a violation of her basic personal rights

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