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heart transplant

Pakistani Imam claims Ayesha has done a brave act by ‘accepting’ an unworthy Hindu infidel’s heart, and the heart will now bow before Allah

"The man who gave his heart to the girl died as a Hindu so he does not deserve any virtue. However, the girl to accepted the heart is brave. She will now force the non-Muslim heart to kneel before Allah and that is her courage," the Imam said. 

Islam forbids organ donation, but allows receiving: As a Pakistani girl receives a heart transplant in India, Indians have many questions

The money was arranged by Aishwaryam Trust and the Pakistani girl's family didn't have to pay any thing for the operation.

United States: Man who received pig heart in groundbreaking transplant dies after 2 months

David Bennett Sr, 57, had his failing heart replaced with that of a pig's in January 2022 at University of Maryland

Doctor behind pig-to-human heart transplant draws flak from family over the use of an animal forbidden in Islam: Details

While history was created by putting a pig heart in the human heart, the Muslim doctor behind the medical breakthrough got ‘remorse’ at home

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