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Afghanistan earthquakes: Death toll crosses 2000, several villages destroyed

Speaking to Reuters, Mullah Janan Sayeeq, spokesman for the Ministry of Disasters, stated that 2,053 people were dead, 9,240 injured and 1,329 houses were damaged or destroyed in these tremors.

Afghanistan: Powerful earthquake of 6.3 magnitude hit the western part, at least 20 killed and many others injured

At least 20 people have been killed and 78 injured after an earthquake hit western Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Taliban bans music, video games, and foreign films

Reiterating that the Taliban considers such activities un-Islamic, he added, "The films they were selling did not have women in hijab, which is against Sharia. This is why the sale of such films is prohibited."

Taliban raided and searched closed Indian consulates in Kandahar and Herat for clues on Afghan spies, took away parked cars: Report

The Taliban carried out searches inside the building and took away parked vehicles parked outside both embassies.

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