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Ajmal has earlier assaulted a journalist and threatened to smash his head for asking a question
Badruddin Ajmal led AIUDF leaves 11 seats for Congress, to prevent division of secular votes and defeat BJP
Himanta Biswa Sarma says indigenous Muslims not our enemy in Assam, only illegal Bangladeshi Muslims
AGP has decided to form an alliance with BJP for Lok Sabha elections in Assam
The Prime Minister asserted that it was India's duty to provide shelter to people who have suffered immense oppression in neighbouring countries due to their non-Islamic faith. He argued that the Citizenship Amendment Bill is directed towards this purpose.
BJP's district president in Tinsukia was manhandled and attacked with tyres and stones by violent protestors on January 30.
In the letter, Sudipta Sen claimed that he had been cheated by several people and that he was on the verge of committing suicide. He also asserted that the letter should be treated as his dying declaration.
Nagaland parties oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill
Meghalaya CM meets members of AGP to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Bill
Here is what made it to the news today
Himanat Biswa Sarma has said that without citizenship Bill, Assam will end up like Kammu and Kashmir.
Earlier it was reported how the Congress had resorted to similar theatrics when the Central government moved a proposal to shift several items from the 28 per cent GST slab to a lower tax slab.
Home Minister Rajnath Singh moved the Citizenship Amendment Bill today and after a discussion, it was passed by the Lower House of the Parliament.
The superstructure of Bogibeel is made of composite welded steel truss, and it is the first fully welded bridge of Indian Railways.
Overcoming the urge to open mobile factories in every nook and corner of the country, Rahul is currently obsessing over farm loan waiver
Zoramthanga,74, had earlier served as Mizoram's CM from 1998 to 2008.
There is no pre-poll alliance in Mizoram, but anything is possible after elections
Terrorist organisation ULFA stated that the blast was done as a protest against the central government's decision to settle Hindu Bangladeshis in the state under the proposed amendment to the citizenship act
Earlier Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind had threatened mass violence earlier
The Congress loses another strong leader in the state as they fail to address local demands.
The budget will be available for download on Google Play Store
The architect of BJP's rise in North East India also highlighted the cultural differences between the two parties
The kind of punishment Himanta Biswa Sarma has given to arrogance of Rahul Gandhi should serve as a lesson for Congress
Days of media negligence of North-East region by mainstream media seem to be ending
This will benefit the meritorious girls of the state
His alleged statement was termed as insensitive towards those suffering with life-threatening diseases
Sugil Abbas is a star, and he deserves this
State leaders ask former prime minister the answers to injustice carried out.
He hit it right out of the park!

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