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Hindus in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Football match turns communal, Hindus attacked in Sheikh Hasina’s constituency on Eid. Here is everything you need to know

The Islamists chanted slogans vowing to make the village free of Hindus and demanded human sacrifice on the occasion of Eid, as per local reports.

Bangladesh: Hindu homes and temple attacked in Satkhira district over harassment of minor girl

Asailants ambushed the Fultala village of Satkhria district in Bangladesh around 8 pm on Tuesday and ransacked the entire village

CDPHR releases human rights report of 7 neighbouring countries, raises concern over vanishing population of Hindus

The CDPHR report highlights grave human rights violations against minorities, especially Hindus, in India's 7 neighbouring countries

Bangladesh: Members of hardliner group Hefazat-e-Islami attack Hindus over Facebook post

Many local Hindus had to flee their homes fearing for life which gave the attackers an opportunity to ransack and loot their homes.

IFCN certified fact-checking website throws a Hindu girl to wolves in Bangladesh in case where she went missing after alleged ‘insult’ to Prophet Muhammad:...

Despite being well aware that lives of Hindus are threatened in Bangladesh, has given way for Tithy's harassment.

Bangladesh: Idols of Hindu deities in a Kali Mandir vandalised in Gazipur

Four idols of a Kali Mandir in Bangladesh were beheaded by unknown miscreants on Friday

Bangladesh: Video of Muslims destroying fence of 200-year-old Hindu temple goes viral on social media

Hindus in Bangladesh claim that fence of 200 year old Shiva temple was destroyed by Muslims, video goes viral

Bangladesh: In May 2020 alone, 30 incidents were reported where Islamist mobs attacked or killed Hindus in the country

The WHF Bangladesh has released a document listing all incidents of atrocities against Hindus in Bangladesh in May

Bangladesh: In May 2020 alone, Islamists vandalised at least ten temples. Read details

The World Hindu Federation has alleged that the attacks against Hindus in Bangladesh has increased during the lockdown in the country

From Land grabbing, vandalization of temples to the abduction of women: Persecution of Hindus increases in Bangladesh during the lockdown

World Hindu Federation has alleged that the persecution of Hindus and other minorities in Bangladesh has increased during the lockdown in the country

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