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You can live in Russia, but stay away from children: Putin warns homosexuals against influencing minors

Reaffirming Russia's reservations about openly promoting LGBTQ ideologies in the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that while Russia is not adverse to homosexuals, they should stay away from children

‘Full of sound and fury signifying nothing’: Same-sex marriage petitioners express dissatisfaction following SC verdict 

Petitioners in the Same Sex marriage case expressed dissatisfaction with the Supreme Court verdict passed earlier in the day.

4 fundamental issues, directives to the govt and what each judge said: Breaking down the 3-2 Supreme Court judgement rejecting the legalisation of same-sex...

Much to the dismay of LGBTQIA+ activists, the Supreme Court did not recognise same-sex marriage and instead passed the buck to the Legislature.

Nigeria: Police raids gay wedding event, over 200 persons arrested, homosexuals can get 14-year jail sentence

A police spokesperson in the southern Delta state on Tuesday told reporters that 67 people will be prosecuted for “allegedly conducting and attending a same-sex wedding ceremony.”

‘Should hang Ali Sethi publicly,’ Pakistani Islamists attack Pasoori fame Ali Sethi over rumours of marriage with his male partner Salman Toor

Several Pakistani Islamists have descended on various social media platforms to attack popular Pakistani singer Ali Sethi of Pasoori fame after rumours of his marriage with his long-time male partner Salman Toor started doing rounds on the internet

Kuwait bans ‘Barbie’ film for ‘promoting homosexuality’; film also under fire in Lebanon

The prohibition of Barbie adds to the trend of banning films in the Middle East due to apprehensions surrounding homosexuality. Within the past few years, movies, like Call Me by Your Name, Moonlight, and The Danish Girl, have encountered bans in the region.

Delhi: Man murders married male friend over sexual favours, dumps body in drain, arrested after making ransom calls

A man has been arrested by the police for killing his male friend over sexual favours in Delhi.

Rock Band ‘The 1975’ banned from Malaysia after criticism of anti-LGBT laws and an on-stage kiss between members Matty Healy and Ross MacDonald

Malaysia is a Muslim-dominated conservative country where homosexuality is considered a crime and punishable by 20 years in jail

Arjun Ram Meghwal, the new law minister, had introduced a private member bill against a Delhi High Court judgment decriminalising homosexuality

Arjun Ram Meghwal had presented a private member bill in the Lok Sabha against the Delhi Court judgement in favour of homosexuality.

Viral videos show men engaging in sexual activities inside metro trains, including Delhi Metro

Two obscene videos have gone viral on social media wherein men engage in sexual activities in metro trains, including Delhi metro

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