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Uttar Pradesh: Married Dalit woman drugged, held captive and raped for five days by auto driver Sajjad, she had helped him multiple times in...

The woman was repeatedly raped and held hostage by Sajjad who also threatened to kill her son when she shouted at him.

Netherlands: Hostage crisis in a nightclub in Ede town ends peacefully after arrest of suspect, terror angle ruled out

Apart from the anti-explosive units and police in protective gear, a remote-controlled robot was also at the scene after the accused threatened to blow himself up.

‘We are at war, will continue till Hamas is destroyed’: Netanyahu says after cabinet agrees for a pause to enable hostage return from Gaza

Some media reports from Israel say that the pause will see the release of about 12-13 hostages each day, totaling about 50 hostages. The Israeli government has stated that the release of every additional 10 hostages will earn Hamas another day of 'pause' in the war.

IDF releases additional footage from Gaza’s Rantisi Hospital where Israeli hostages were held, confirms death of captured soldier shown in Hamas video

Amid reports of a potential hostage deal, Israel’s War cabinet minister Benny Gantz asserted that even if Israel pauses fighting as part of a potential hostage deal, it will continue pursuing its war to dislodge Hamas’s control over the Gaza Strip.

Germany: Hamburg airport closed over ‘hostage situation’ after armed man drives onto Tarmac and fires shots, flights suspended

Traffic at Hamburg airport was halted and the terminals were evacuated over a 'hostage situation' on 4th November.

Japan: Gunman opens fire at a hospital in Saitama, takes two staffers hostage

A gunman opened fire at a hospital in Toda city in Japan and took hostages inside a post office in Japan's Saitama prefecture.

Hamas claims it is willing to release hostages but needs time to find them as they are ‘hidden’, says can’t start searches if Israeli...

A Hamas leader visiting Russia has said that they need time to find hostages hidden in various places in the Gaza Strip.

At least 9 US citizens killed in Hamas attack, terror organisation threatens to start killing hostages for each bomb dropped on Gaza

Abu Ubaida, spokesman for the Military Wing of Hamas - Al-Qassam Brigades announced on Al Jazeera that they would execute hostages and broadcast it live for each bomb dropped on civilians in Gaza by Israel.

Himachal Pradesh: Police team held hostage during a raid to bust a gambling den in Una district; five booked

A police team that raided a shop in Una district to bust a gambling den was held hostage for some time by five persons.

Hostages were forced to sing ‘Hotel Osama’, a depraved parody of ‘Hotel California’: French journalist held by Islamic State in Syria reveals in court

ISIS terrorists had forced their hostages to sing Hotel Osama, says French journalist in trial of British ISIS terrorist

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