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Does the CCP’s India operation have a Congress link? Huawei, Neville Roy Singham, Jairam Ramesh, and Rahul-Sonia’s MoU with China

BJP MP Mahesh Jethmalani questioned if CCP's India operations have a Congress link too, in the backdrop of NewsClick controversy

Rajya Sabha MP Mahesh Jethmalani hints at a BBC-China-Congress nexus, talks about BBC being funded by Huawei

Rajya Sabha MP Mahesh Jethmalani hinted at a BBC-Huawei-Congress nexus.

MP Mahesh Jethmalani asks Jairam Ramesh to come clean on his links to Huawei, a Chinese company banned by several countries for security reasons

Jairam Ramesh has been lobbying for Huawei for decades, Rajya Sabha MP Mahesh Jethmalani asked him to disclose links

Chinese Telecom giant Huawei can disrupt US defence and nuclear communications: FBI probe reveals CCP’s sinister plans

The FBI discovered that Huawei equipment was capable of recognising and disrupting Defence Department communications. This was despite the fact that the equipment was cleared and certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

China releases two Canadians after Canada released Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou: All you need to know about the ‘prisoner swap’

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou released from detention by Canada while two Canadians Kovrig and Spavor were released by China in exchange

China’s Huawei hires Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta, Trump administration had branded Huawei national security threat

Tony Podesta hired by Huawei as lobbyist to smoothen relationships with Biden administration

India excludes Chinese-giant Huawei from 5G trials

Huawei and ZTE are under scrutiny for allegedly installing "backdoor" vulnerabilities to spy for the Chinese government

Chinese company Huawei’s patented technology can track Uyghur Muslims using specialised face recognition software: Details

Several patents including by HUawei talks about technology that can distinguish between Uyghurs and majority Hans.

Chinese professor at US University charged with using his position to benefit Huawei by stealing technology, pleads guilty

Chinese professor working as a Researcher at the Texas-Arlington University was accused by US prosecutors of using his position to steal American technology to benefit Chinese company Huawei Technologies Co Ltd

US telecom regulator designates Chinese firms Huawei, ZTE as national security threats

The US telecommunications regulator issued the declaration and proposed requiring rural carriers to remove and replace equipment from the two Chinese companies from existing US networks.

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