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‘Soros hates humanity, wants to erode civilisation’: Elon Musk refuses to stop speaking up his mind, ‘even if it means losing money’. Here is...

Elon Musk compared George Soros to fictional villian Magneto from Marvel Comics and said 'Soros hates humanity'

French cement company Lafarge paid ISIS terrorists millions to keep Syria factory running, can be charged with ‘crimes against humanity: Details

Lafarge had earlier admitted to bribing middlemen to negotiate with terror groups in Syria, to keep their Jalabiya factory running in the country during the conflict.

Coronavirus: No N95 masks or critical PPEs are being exported, govt allays fears in wake of claims on social media

On 29 March, India supplied 90 tonnes of medical protective equipment to Serbia to help the country in fighting the Chinese coronavirus outbreak.

From mobilizing people for blood donation to crowdfunding for a humanitarian cause to a selfless prayer for a daughter battling life: The real face...

The Right on social media—which is a unified group of serious thinking people—are using this free space for popularizing the ideas that are in the national interest.

Woman claims protesting JNU students blocked traffic, danced on drum beats, even as an injured child bled profusely

Many came doubting the woman's claims because she didn't click pictures of bleeding child.

Remember that crying retired soldier during demonetization? He has no complaints about it

How an out-of-context picture became the face of 'demonetisation disaster'

Demonetisation and the miraculous rise of Humanity

Its economic effects will be known in long run, but milk of human kindness is flowing in short run.

From selling his kidney to Gold at the South Asian games: The journey of Ravi Dixit

How social media helped a young Indian squash player.

This driver saw an accident, and he did what most of us won’t

I didn't expect that my interaction with a cab driver will leave an ever-lasting impact on me.

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