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Ramlalla in Ram Mandir to be worshipped by Ramanandi method, the sect founded by Ramanand focuses on devotion and surrender to Lord Ram: read...

The Ramanandi sect follows an egalitarian ideology. It is one of the largest sects of Hindus. The beginning of this sect is believed to be with Lord Shri Ram himself.

Madhya Pradesh: Stone balls worshipped as ‘Kuldevta’ turn out to be 70 million years old dinosaur eggs

Experts from the Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences have found these stone balls to be fossilised eggs of Titanosaurus, a species of dinosaurs that roamed the Narmada valley over 70 million years ago.

Saudi social media divided over ‘promoting’ Trinity of ancient Arabian goddesses amid revival of National Heritage, sparks religious outrage against ‘pagan-worshippers’

A large number of social media users in Saudi Arabia have been advocating for the revival of ancient Arabian deities as an integral aspect of the Kingdom’s national heritage

The movie-like feat of how a Balaji idol, stolen from Karnataka Temple, was recovered by Idol Wing in Tamil Nadu: Read details

While hunting for stolen idols on November 4, the Tamil Nadu Idol Wing CID stumbled upon a broker at a coffee shop on Avinashi road in Coimbatore.

Pakistan: Statue of symbolic warrior woman vandalized in Islamabad

Unknown individuals vandalised a statue of a symbolic woman warrior in the Kachnar Park of Islamabad, Pakistan.

Rahul Gandhi’s Dussehra greeting fails to include images of Hindu Gods, revives social media discussions of ‘minority appeasement’

The omission of images of Hindu Gods in Dussehra greetings by Rahul Gandhi has sparked discussions of minority appeasement.

Navratri: It is a religious festival, not a cultural one, so if idol worship for you is a sin, maybe don’t insist in coming...

If you agree to bow down to the goddess and accept the prasad, maybe then you could too participate in this dance form of idol worship.

Once a mistake, twice a pattern, thrice a habit: Rahul Gandhi again avoids sharing images of Hindu Gods as he extends wishes on Rath...

Just a bow and arrow on Ram Navami, a peacock feather on Janmashtami, empty chariots on Rath Yatra: Rahul Gandhi avoids sharing the images of Hindu Gods while wishing on Hindu festivals.

Christian country Papua New Guinea Covid controller first denies permission for Durga Puja because of ‘idol worship’, apologises later: Details

Earlier, a letter signed by Manning had denied Hindus living in PNG permission to hold Durga Puja celebrations saying idol worshipping is morally inappropriate and against Christian values.

Chinese state-run channel shows the portrait of Prophet Muhammad, netizens ask if Muslim nations will boycott China

Arslan Hidayat, an Uyghur Rights Activist, took to Twitter shared a video of a Chinese TV series on Twitter in which it was depicted that an Arab ambassador visiting China during the rule of Tang dynasty gifts a portrait of the Prophet Muhammad to the Chinese emperor.

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