Thursday, June 20, 2024


illegal banners

Maharashtra: ‘Pehle hijab, fir kitab’ banners now come up in Mominpura area of Georai, hometown of terrorist Abu Jundal

Abu Jundal is one of the six key conspirators of the terrorist attacks of 26/11 on Mumbai that claimed 166 lives

Delhi police arrest former Congress MLA Asif Mohammed Khan for assaulting SDMC employees who had removed unauthorised Congress banners

A FIR was lodged under IPC Sections 34, 352 and 353 against Congress leader Asif Mohammed Khan for assaulting SDMC employees

Chennai: Corporation official heckled and thrashed by MDMK cadres for trying to remove banners welcoming Vaiko

The public in Chennai outraged against illegal banners and flex hoardings after an illegal hoarding recently claimed the life of a 23-year-old techie in Chennai.

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