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‘Imported monster like Islam to our country’: When French school teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded, here is what a Dutch leader said in parliament

Wilders had urged the government to recognize Islam as a ‘violent ideology, one that comes with hate and terror.’

Germany: Shouting Allahu Akbar, Afghan refugee kills Azerbaijan refugee in knife attack, injures another person

The motive behind the crime couldn't be ascertained but witnesses heard the accused shout 'Allahu Akbar' before attacking the victims.

Germany: Somali immigrant goes on a stabbing spree while shouting ‘Allah hu Akbar’, kills 3. Here is what we know so far

During the knife attack on Friday in Wurzburg, Germany, three people including a child and one of his parents was killed.

Biden to reverse President Trump’s policy on climate change, to end travel ban from Muslim countries

Amidst the threats from Islamic terrorism, in January 2017, President Trump had issued an executive order restricting refugees and travelers with passports from seven Muslim-majority countries.

‘The girl in red bikini’: How a teenage girl jumped off a cruise liner to escape the Soviet Union in 1979 and find a...

Ukrainian woman Liliana Gasinskaya was known as 'Red Bikini Girl' for jumping off a ship in a red bikini to enter Australia in 1979

Indian migrants constitute the largest high-skilled diaspora in OECD countries: Reports

The OECD report further emphasised that the Indian diaspora constituted the largest high-skilled diaspora in OECD countries.

Media finds no evidence of mass sterilisations at ICE detention center, Upper Caste ‘racism’ and ‘casteism’ were blamed by a section of activists

Allegations have surfaced that mass sterilisations and forced hysterectomies were performed at ICE Irwin County Detention Center.

Illegal Pakistani immigrants a cause of worry for Greece, aggressive behaviour, harassment of female co-worker reported

The incident started after a Greek girl was harassed by a Pakistani illegal immigrant at her workplace, as per reports.

Amidst coronavirus, Donald Trump to ‘temporarily’ suspend immigration into the United States

Donald Trump has, however, not clarified on the duration of the order or the date from which it will be enforced in the US.

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