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India's hard-core retaliation first in the form of an ariel airstrike and then its befitting reply to the infringement by Pakistan army into Indian airspace has left Pakistan fragmentized and jittery
India has strongly worded its decision, that if Pakistan sincerely wants to put an end to this conflict it has to stop advocating terrorists breeding on its soil
The raids were part of a search operation linked to the agency’s investigation in the alleged terror-funding case.
President Kovind's visit was organised on a day when the authorities expected less of a rush. He performed Ganga Pujan at the banks of the Triveni Sangam.
PM Modi has assured PM Tshering that India will continue to play an important role in Bhutan's development like a trusted friend
The report also says that the Taliban and the Haqqani network continue to retain freedom of movement in Pakistan.
The Security Council reform is being opposed by a group of countries which includes Pakistan.
The Rafale affidavit does not say IAF was not consulted and Reliance got ₹30000 crore, as Rahul Gandhi claims
India has called it a violation of “India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”
The French defence expert has confirmed that the so-called Dassault official documents are actually trade union leaflets
The police booked him under Sec 121 and 121-A of the IPC and Sec 14 of Foreigners’ Act and Officials Secrets’ Act

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