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60% of Indian nationals in Ukraine have safely crossed border, efforts to evacuate all going on: Centre to Kerala HC

The Central Government stated that out of around 20000 Indian nationals in Ukraine, 30% had already reached India and 30% are in the neighboring countries. Efforts are underway to rescue the rest.

Pakistan’s dirty tricks: Halts repatriation of five Indian civilian prisoners and many fishermen in its custody

As per the India-Pakistan ‘Agreement on Consular Access’ signed on May 21, 2008, the two countries biannually exchange lists of civilian prisoners and fisherman apprehended for violating territorial restrictions.

Sharjah-based ex-Indian Kalpana aka Kajal, who is one of the four wives of Pakistan businessman, now faces identity crisis

60-year-old Rasheed Khan has four wives, two each from India and Pakistan, and 10 children

US foils sinister plot of Pakistan to designate Indian nationals as ISIS terrorist, latest being the case of one Ajoy Mistry

The US has put the proposal by Pakistan to declare an Indian national as ISIS terrorist on a technical hold puncturing its hopes

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