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Current inflation caused by global events over which Indian govt have no control: OpIndia talks to a chartered accountant, Sumeet Mehta, over inflation

CA Sumeet Mehta said that India is facing 'imported inflation', which is inflation caused by the Russia-Ukraine war

Former CEA Dr KV Subramanian schools Rajdeep Sardesai for negative portrayal of India’s macroeconomic situation, cites inflation numbers

Rajdeep Sardesai hosted former CEA and economist Dr KV Subramanian on his show to discuss the Indian macroeconomic situation

Rahul Gandhi targets Modi govt over inflation: Here is how, in his inimitable style, he scored a self-goal

Rahul Gandhi targeted Modi govt over 6.95% inflation rate, which had reached 12% during the UPA government

‘Aapne ghabrana nahi’: Watch how Pakistan Embassy in Serbia went rogue, calling out Imran Khan for not paying them for 3 months

Embassy of Pakistan in Serbia has shared a rap song to taunt Pakistan's cash-strapped Imran Khan govt that hasn't paid dues in 3 months

After a sharp rise, tomato prices to come down soon, here is why

With increase in harvest, tomato availability will go up and will result in a drop in prices by December, according to Agriculture ministry

No, farmer income will not ‘suffer’ with the new import policy of the govt for pulses: Here is why it is being implemented and...

Union govt clarifies that import of pulses needed to prevent inflation, and international availability can't impact farmer incomes

‘Ghabrana Nahi hai’: Pakistani woman asks permission to be afraid from PM Imran Khan as inflation goes out of control

Imran Khan had been using 'Ghabrana nahi hai' as an excuse to get away from criticism over his administrative failure.

Skyrocketing food inflation fuels anti-government protests in Pakistan occupied Kashmir: Report

According to a report published on The News, angry residents of PoK are protesting against the Pakistani government for its inability to control rising food inflation.

Nobel to Abhijit Banerjee or not, read the NYAY offer document carefully

As soon as the news spread yesterday that Abhijit Banerjee had won the Nobel Prize, an army of trolls descended on an article about the ill-conceived NYAY scheme by Congress, which was led by Rahul Gandhi

Rahul’s NYAY scheme adviser, Abhijit Banerjee, wants price rise and high taxes

MIT economist Abhijit Banerjee who is advising Rahul Gandhi on his Minimum Income Scheme explained how middle class is the biggest loser

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