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As Europe battles price rise and energy crisis, European Commission approves locusts, crickets and worms as ‘food’

The European Commission which provides the approval had stated then that these insects can be sold, and marketed as snacks or food ingredients either in dried or frozen form with legs removed or in a powder form.

After essential medical supplies, Pakistan to make exception in trade ban to import insecticides from India to fight locust outbreak

Pakistan may make a one-time exemption in its trade ban with India to import insecticides that can help fight the locust infestation

Massive locust invasion from Pakistan ruins crops in Gujarat, Centre rushes 11 teams to help

Farmers in Gujarat are now worried as they are facing massive locust attack from Pakistan, the neighbouring country the state shares its border with.

Karachi faces locust attack, Pakistani minister urges people to eat them in Biriyani

Pakistan had last experienced a locust attack on a similar scale last in 1961. Government officials claim that the locust species will not harm food crops.

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