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international space station

China inches closer to launching its own space station as the final module completes docking with Tiangong

China launched the third and final module of its space station named Tiangong space station on Monday.

‘The International Space Station can crash on USA, Europe, even on India or China’: Russia space chief reacts to Biden’s sanctions

On February 24, hours after Russia started a full-scale military operation in Ukraine, Biden had addressed a strongly-worded presser, asserting that the sanctions the USA brings will adversely affect Russia's technological advancements and will affect their space program too.

Meet Swati Mohan, the Star Trek inspired MIT graduate who led the landing of NASA’s rover on Mars

After the completion of her PhD, Swati Mohan had joined NASA again as a Guidance, Navigation and Control Systems Engineer.

#Inspiration4: Space X to launch its first commercial civilian mission to space in 2021. Read details

The civilian crew chosen for the commercial space programme will undergo training in orbital mechanics, stress testing, operating in zero gravity and microgravity.

Indian-American astronaut Raja Chari selected for the SpaceX Crew – 3 mission of the NASA, to be the spacecraft commander

Raja Chari will be flying to the International Space Station as part of the SpaceX Crew-3 mission that will be launched next year.

UAE’s first astronaut gets ‘Islamic guidelines’ on how and when to do Namaz while in space

The Islamic authority has advised the astronaut to do Namaz by matching the time of the day in Mecca in Saudi Arabia, which is considered to be the holiest place for Muslims on Earth. 

Did you see the Vikram Lander? Brad Pitt asks about lunar module to American astronaut on the ISS

Brad Pitt was in a conversation with NASA astronaut on the ISS as a part of promotion for his upcoming film Ad Astra

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