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The threat of Islamisation looms over Fiji, Hindus sidelined by Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiym with an ‘invisible’ Pakistan backing: Details

Hindus in Fiji comprise about 27.9% of the total population and the minority community is faced with increasing cases of inequitable treatment

Jharkhand: Primary Education Dept orders to remove ‘Urdu’ from name of schools not notified by govt, weekly off to be only on Sunday, not...

Jharkhand Education Department ordered to remove Urdu from schools' names and said no holidays on Friday

Madhya Pradesh: Firdos Khan traps a 21-year-old, physically abuses her for days and forces her to convert to Islam, arrested

The accused abducted the girl and took her to Khandwa, Burhanpur and then Jabalbur. He physically abused her while in the journey and also trapped her in Jabalpur to abuse

Dehradun school declares Fridays as half days, founder MK Hussain withdraws decree after parents and Hindu organisations protest: Full details

A private school in Dehradun, Uttarakhand declares Fridays as half days to pander to the local Muslims in the area, founder MK Hussain apologises after parents outrage

Jharkhand: Education dept. orders probe to find out how a general primary school in Lohardaga became Urdu high school

Primary school in Lohardaga dist in Jharkhand becomes Urdu high school, state govt orders probe after outrage

Turkey: Govt backed Islamic institutions imposing radical Islamism on Yazidi people, building mosques in the Kurdish regions

Turkey govt persecuting Yazidis living along the borders of Turkey and Syria by imposing radical Islam on the minority population

France to stop foreign Imams from entering the country in an effort to counter “Islamic extremism and separatism”

French President Emmanuel Macron says foreign imams will not be allowed to enter the country after 2020

OpIndia investigation: Tentacles of radical Islam, Pakistan, Khalistan in Houston anti-Modi protests ahead of ‘Howdy Modi’ event

The ant-Modi protests ahead of the 'Howdy Modi' event in Houston have been organised by Khalistanis, Pakistanis and Radical Islamists with links to terror groups like Hamas

The Islamic onslaught in West Bengal: A saga that started long before the current state regime made it worse

The Islamisation of Bengal has been a slow and steady process, repetitive governments have chosen to ignore their rising population, rather using the community as a vote bank.

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