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Kazakhstan: Former minister Kuandyk Bishimbayev kicked, punched wife Saltanat Nukenova to death, CCTV footage goes viral

CCTV footage shows Kuandyk Bishimbayev repeatedly kicking and punching his wife in the family-owned restaurant in Almaty, Kazakhstan

As violent protests in Kazakhstan over LPG price continue even after rollback and fall of govt, president orders to shoot protestors calling them terrorists

President of Kazakhstan said Friday that he has authorised law enforcement to open fire on "terrorists" and shoot to kill.

Kazakhstan government dissolved amid violent protests over rising LPG prices after its deregulation, president declares emergency

After massive protests stormed Kazakhstan protesting against skyrocketing LPG prices, Askar Mamin led govt resigns

India invites all five central Asian countries as chief guests for Republic Day celebrations in 2022: Report

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, the five central Asian countries have been invited as chief guests for Republic Day 2022

Uttar Pradesh: Maulvi booked for hiding Indonesian Muslims in a mosque in Bijnor, Muslims of other nationalities also found from other mosques

A Markazi mosque in Kaiserbagh area of Lucknow was found sheltering foreigners from Kyrgystan and Kazakhastan since March 13

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