Monday, April 22, 2024


KC Tyagi

Conspiracy hatched by Congress to appropriate leadership of I.N.D.I. Alliance: JDU’s KC Tyagi explains Nitish Kumar’s decision to leave the opposition bloc

Nitish's resignation as Bihar CM is also being seen as a big blow to the INDIA bloc, coming as it did barely months ahead of the general elections

INDI alliance on the verge of collapse, Congress repeatedly insulted Nitish Kumar: JDU leader KC Tyagi

According to JDU leader KC Tyagi, Nitish Kumar never hankered after a position in the alliance but a section of the Congress leadership repeatedly insulted him.

JD-U leader says party was more comfortable with BJP as an alliance partner

KC Tyagi said that JD-U was much more comfortable with the BJP during their 17-year-long partnership.

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