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Haiti: Criminal gangs take over country amid chaos and violence, US evacuates embassy officials from Port-au-Prince, PM not allowed to enter

The USA has evacuated most officials from their embassy in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. A UN group has warned that the country is 'under siege' as armed gangs have taken over the presidential palace and police headquarters.

‘Starve yourself to meet Jesus’: Christian cult leader in Kenya charged with murder of 191 children

Mackenzie, who ran the Good News International Church, is accused of leading a doomsday cult where he instructed his mass followers to starve themselves and their children to death so they could reach heaven.

USA: Inspired by 7 October Hamas terror attack, New Jersey man tries to join terror group Al-Shabaab for missions of ‘death and destruction’, arrested

As per the US agencies, Nasr told the source, “After the Oct. 7 events, I felt that something has changed [for] the better, I mean. I felt that pride and dignity came back to the Muslims.”

‘Starve yourself to meet Jesus’ to ‘We will ride on a comet to escape apocalypse’: How doomsday cults have claimed thousands of gullible victims...

These doomsday cults thrive on the belief that people are living in the end times, that is the world will end soon and only those who follow their prescribed rituals and traditions will be able to meet God.

Death toll in Kenyan starvation cult case crosses 400 as 12 more bodies exhumed, over 600 people still missing

More than 610 people are still reported to be missing from villages around the forest. DNA matching had been performed on 253 of the 403 bodies exhumed so far.

Kenya: Pastor reveals that the Christian death cult first targeted children to die by starvation, death toll exceeds 200

Children were targeted as the first to be starved to death in the final days of a Christian death cult in Kenya.

Kenya: Police recover 47 bodies linked to the starvation cult led by pastor Paul Makenzie Nthenge

Cops have been able to identify a total of 58 graves in the Shakahola forest in Malindi town of Eastern Kenya.

Kenya: Police arrest Christian pastor who encouraged people to die of starvation, exhume 21 bodies

In his defence, the Christian pastor claimed that he had done nothing wrong and that his Church shut down in 2019.

Kenya: Four people starve to death after a pastor told them it will get them to heaven quickly

Pastor Makenzie Nthenge is believed to have advised his followers in Kilifi's coastal region to starve themselves in order to enter heaven more quickly and meet Jesus.

One more prophet: Man in Kenya says he is Jesus Christ, had claimed to turn water into tea

The Kenyans want to crucify Bungoma 'Jesus', a self-proclaimed Jesus Christ, to watch him resurrect himself like the founder of Christianity, as per biblical scriptures.

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