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Modi government announces hike in MSP for Kharif crops for the 2023-24 season

According to an official press release, the hike in MSP for Kharif Crops for Marketing Season 2023-24 is consistent with the Union Budget 2018-19 announcement of "setting the MSP at least 1.5 times the All-India weighted average Cost of Production, with the goal of providing farmers with relatively fair remuneration."

Farmers in other parts of India don’t burn stubble at this scale, read why Punjab parali is choking Delhi

Stubble burning incidents are rooted in a decision taken by state governments to discourage farmers from using ground water

Amid allegations that new farm laws will end MSP regime, govt’s paddy procurement at MSP surges 23 per cent

While farmers continue to protest against farm laws, Govt’s paddy procurement at MSP reaches a record high

Amid protests against ‘abolishment of MSP’, Modi govt buys Rs 67,248.22 crore worth Kharif produce at MSP

Govt continues to procure Kharif produce at MSP amid ongoing farmer protest which claim that the govt has abolished the MSP and mandi system.

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