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Campaigning for Congress candidate, Nanjil Sampath said that Kiran Bedi was sent to Puducherry after being castrated
CM Narayanswamy has been protesting against Lt Governor Kiran Bedi for her tough stance on the use of helmets.
Narayansamy has alleged that Lt Governor Kiran Bedi should act only as a post office and sign papers.
A few days back, Puducherry Governor Kiran Bedi had tried to make helmet wearing mandatory for two-wheeler riders
Gives deadline of four weeks to clean up the villages
Some memorable and colourful glimpses into the Republic Day Parade
An analysis of all the entries we received for our Delhi Poll Predictor contest.
Kumar Vishwas seems to have a penchant for making remarks which get him in trouble.
Kiran Bedi has managed to commit quite a few blunder in the short time she has been with the BJP officially.
Why is a seasoned journalist like Ravish Kumar not able to write accurately what he heard and said during an interview? Is it an honest mistake or a deliberate ploy?
Did Kiran Bedi ever tow Indira Gandhi's car? Did Ravish Kumar manage to make Kiran Bedi spill the beans?
Predict which party will win how many seats in Delhi assembly elections 2015, and win prizes!
Amit Shah's gambit to pitch Kiran Bedi as BJP's face against Kejriwal may seem to be a master-stroke from the tactical genius, but are there undercurrents which may affect BJP adversely?
All Opinion Polls for Delhi elections at one place.
Ten tweets which might embarrass BJP's newest member Kiran Bedi.

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