Thursday, April 25, 2024



German ISIS bride sentenced to over 9 years in jail for enslaving and abusing Yazidi woman, aiding her rape by husband

German woman Nadine K sentenced to jail for participating in enslaving and abusing a Yazidi woman, rape by her husband

Iraq: 17-year-old girl attacked by dozens of Muslim men in Kurdistan for coming to watch a bike race and causing ‘distraction’

Kurdistan Watch described the Hwana suburb, where the attack took place as one of the most unsafe areas in Sulaimani adding that the place is known for the widespread use of drugs.

France: Violence grips Paris ahead of Christmas, here is what happened

A 69-year-old white supremacist named William M shot three activists dead, outside a Kurdish community centre on December 23.

Turkey: Govt backed Islamic institutions imposing radical Islamism on Yazidi people, building mosques in the Kurdish regions

Turkey govt persecuting Yazidis living along the borders of Turkey and Syria by imposing radical Islam on the minority population

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