Topic: Lies of Congress

Ajmal had fielded only 3 candidates declaring that he has left the other seats for the Congress because he doesn't want the division of 'secular' votes. There were also reports of a rift within the Congress over support to Ajmal's party.
Rahul Gandhi the prince of goof-ups has never seemed to disappoint his fans
The questions raised by Congress leaders on Indian forces as well as the government have helped Pakistani interests.
Overcoming the urge to open mobile factories in every nook and corner of the country, Rahul is currently obsessing over farm loan waiver
It seems like Congress wants to keep the option of blaming EVMs open for any future defeat in elections.
Protestors demanding justice for the victims raised slogans against the Congress party and its leaders.
Contrary to Sidhu's allegation, the name of the driver has been revealed
This is not the first that time that Congress or its functionaries have brazened out their embarrassing posts after silently deleting them
The alleged scams committed by the then UPA government led by Sonia Gandhi has been finally falling into judicial scrutiny
No private institutions will receive the government grant, but vested interests took no time to spread 'Modi giving 1000 crores to Ambani'.

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