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O'Brien is misusing his parliamentary privilege to harass and bully private citizens, Twitter reacted in its quintessential style
Kamal Nath commemorated Lokmanya Tilak's birth anniversary as 'Punya Tithi' or death anniversary
An attempt to whitewash the Congress President's failures?
The Indian Parliament witnessed scenes it had never witnessed before
Kejriwal asks Twitter why IAS officers are on strike, Twitter users remind him exactly why
Her defence couldn't stand the scrutiny of social media users
Rahul Gandhi doesn't seem to be able to shrug off the jokes
The News Minute also got backlash for lack of objectivity in reporting the story and legitimizing the trolls.
The journalist was slammed for his hypocrisy.
Ironically, he has authored a book 'Why I am a Hindu'.
Trivago guy had briefly deactivated his account.
This appears to be a classic case of drawing a target after the arrow has landed on a spot. 
Some of the hilarious jokes after Lenin's statue was brought down in Tripura.
While some commented on his arrogance, others couldn't help but poke fun
He made the statement merely a day after the BJP won Tripura and Nagaland polls
Days of media negligence of North-East region by mainstream media seem to be ending
The celebration like every other year, was a splendid affair
Yesterday it was the 2G accused, today it is Ashok Chavan

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