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Finance minister Arun Jaitley called it a success of IBC, as they aimed at recovering 1.8 lakh crore this fiscal year.
SEBI observes that the loan to Prannoy and Radhika Roy violated norms.
The loans are supposed to have been issued from 2009 to 2013
The new norms laid down by RBI are a testament to the relentless fight against NPAs which started 2-3 years ago
India is collaborating with Russia to build a nuclear power plant in Bangladesh
Is the long arm of the law finally catching up?
National Herald picks up from where thewire left
Yet another mischievous headline by the media.
An analysis of PM Modi's address to the nation
BJP has put out documents which show that corporates including Ambani and Adani were favored during its tenure.
Modi Government will have to repay the political cost of demonetisation.

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