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Loan documents must be released within 30 days of full repayment, ₹5,000 penalty per day for delay: RBI announces major benefit for borrowers

RBI stated that banks and NBFCs have to release documents of properties and collateral mandatorily within 30 days.

Chinese debt trap: World Bank president expresses concerns over Beijing’s loans to developing countries

The World Bank president David Malpass sounded alarm over burgeoning Chinese loans to developing economies.

China prevents Pakistan from going fully bankrupt, approves rollover of $1.3 billion loan by returning repaid amounts

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China approved an extension of a $1.3 billion loan to Pakistan by returning the amount repaid against previous loan

Yogi govt in UP has disbursed over 8.76 lakh loans to street vendors under PM SVANidhi scheme in 75 districts

"Under the PM SVANidhi scheme, the government provides loans to the street vendors to resume their work again. These include people like vegetable sellers, fruit sellers and even those having small fast food shops. The government provides loans up to Rs 50,000 under this scheme.

China faces a massive financial crisis as thousands of apartment projects remain incomplete and homebuyers refuse to repay mortgages

Chinese govt faces crisis involving thousands of unfinished apartments amid rising bad debts

‘Young people make mistakes’: Supreme Court orders J&K govt to release loan to medicine student in Bangladesh after she joined a different college

J&K stops loan to student studying medicine in Bangladesh after she joined different college, SC orders to release the loan

Dhani by Indiabulls confirms loan fraud claims, says will look into identity thefts

Many Twitter users flagged that Dhani disbursed micro loans against their PAN but they never availed them, pointing to a large scale financial fraud.

‘Never applied for a loan but loan got disbursed by Dhani’: Suspected loan fraud at IndiaBulls’ loan app, what we know so far

Fraudsters are using PAN cards of unaware citizens to avail micro loans from apps like Dhani

Patriotic Pakistanis are hating Saudi Arabia, and they have solutions for all problems: Nukes and opium

Patriots of cash-strapped Pakistan are full of hatred against about Saudi Arabia, for asking a loan payback.

Bengaluru: Illegal firm run by Chinese nationals that gave loans charging exorbitant fees and interest busted, two employees arrested

Karnataka Police busted a loan racket run by two Chinese Nationals who were involved in fraudulent money transactions

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