Monday, November 29, 2021



Rajasthan: Man kills married woman for refusing his one-sided advances, clung on to her corpse for 7 hours

Ganesh Meena swirled the axe in the air and said "I will kill you today" before axing Shanti Devi to death.

Asansol, West Bengal: One Gaurav Thakur sent to jail after communal tension following him and a Muslim girl eloping

Communal tensions in Asansol spiked after a Hindu boy, Gaurav allegedly eloped away with his girlfriend, a Muslim girl

How dare Anup Jalota not take permission before falling in love? After all, he sings bhajans

Bhajan singer has been made fun of over the Internet for dating a girl 37 years his junior

Hindu boy and Muslim girl killed by girl’s family members for falling in love

The incident happened in West Champaran, Bihar. Police is treating it as a case of ‘honour killing’.

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